Tips To Create a Winning Loyalty Program For Your Dispensary

Dispensary owners and managers, don’t look now, but another dispensary just popped-up around the corner from you. The competition is heating up for your beloved customers.

When you opened your dispensary you probably never imagined for competition to become so fierce, so quickly. But it has and you need to be prepare yourself to retain your customers and lock-in some new customers before they head elsewhere. What are you going to do?

You might initially think to offer a few promotions to keep your customers coming back, but that’s just a short-term solution. What you need is a long-term solution that differentiates your dispensary from the others. And we, at SailPlay, believe a customer loyalty program is that differentiator.

A customer loyalty program is a marketing strategy used by businesses to attract and retain loyal customers. A good loyalty program helps businesses create a connection with their customers, fostering a deep, long-term relationship. But why it is particularly key for dispensaries is due to the endless possibilities of how they can stay connected with their customers. Through your program, you are collecting customer data, including purchases and non-purchase actions. The data is really your gold mine because it helps you create the endless possibilities of touchpoints.

A few examples of how your loyalty program data help you stay connected with your customers are:

  • Execute email and SMS campaigns on a constant basis, encouraging discussions
  • Invite targeted customers to exclusive events as part of your loyalty program.
    • For example, you can run an edible product tasting session to your customers that constantly purchase edibles. The tasting session will help you create a more intimate relationship with your customers.
  • Deploy sales promotions to specific target customer groups.

For more tips on how to a creating a winning customer loyalty program, check out our article in Marijuana Venture:

And for those that would like more tips or support, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below or emailing us at

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