Platform Updates: The Never Ending Updates of SailPlay’s SPanel

At SailPlay, we are always working on providing our clients with the highest ROI from us, helping foster a long-term relationship. And one key group of employees that ensure our clients’ ROI is maximized is our Development Team. They are always working on providing new tools or updating current ones.

With that said, this week’s blog post will focus on 5 recent updates to SailPlay’s SPanel.


Typically our clients are running several promotions at once, enticing their loyal customers to revisit their store and/or website. But at times, not all customers are aware of all the promotions. To help ensure customers are aware of any applicable promos and to help you maximize each customer purchase, now you can apply the “Up-Sell” feature when setting up promotions in the SPanel. Simply add the message you would like to pop up during the check-out process, if a customer is just shy of qualifying for a promotion. If you have a store, the message would pop-up to the cashier, or if you have a website, the message would pop-up during the online check-out process.


Additionally, this feature is a great way to boost customer retention. If customer meets the requirements for a promotion, but is unaware, use the “Up-Sell” feature to alert them. Now they have an additional reason to stay loyal.

Customer Profile Card – Send Emails & SMS

To help our clients communicate with their customers quicker, we have added the functionality of sending individual SMS and emails from the customer profile card. Now each customer can be communicated on a more personal, intimate level.


Now as customers are submitting contact forms or emailing for advice, report issues or positive feedback, our clients can communicate back directly through the customer profile card. Clients won’t need to build out a campaign for each individual SMS or email. And the communication will be logged inside customer profile card for future reference.

Embed SailPlay SPanel – Third Party Products

The SailPlay SPanel can now be embedded to other other third-party products. Through SailPlay’s open and restful-API, a white labeled version of SailPlay’s SPanel can integrate directly into a third-party products.

Now for any of our clients using another software, such a POS System, they have this option available. Instead of having your employees accustom themselves to multiple softwares, keep their efficiency high by keeping them in one user-interface. Employees will believe they are using one software the entire time, helping keep their focus and providing the best customer service.

Trigger Campaigns – Delete Tags

Our clients can now remove tags through triggered campaigns. One benefit of removing a tag can be to stop a trigger campaign from continuing through it’s logic. For example, if you are running a triggered campaign where certain customers will receive a specific tag. Once they receive this tag, these customers will apply for another trigger campaign, based on the logic. To stop the full logic of trigger campaign, our clients can simply add the “Delete Tag” function and the trigger campaign will immediately stop.

And another benefit of removing a tag can be to reassign customers based on their actions. For example, if you are granting your most frequent customers with a “Gold” status, which grants them permission to various promotions. And to ensure only your most frequent customers are receiving these benefits, add the “Delete Tag” function for any customers not making a purchase or set number of purchases within a certain period.


Upload Product Lists – Any File Format

Usually most softwares only allow files to be uploaded in a few specific file formats, such as .CSV. Now our clients can upload product lists in any file format to SailPlay SPanel. Our software will be able to read the file and assign the information to the correct fields.

If you want to learn more about these updates or register for a free demo, please visit us at or fill out the form below.



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