Platform Updates – New Variables, Filtering Options & More

At SailPlay, we are continuously pushing ourselves to improve our platform and user interface. We are working on improving all of our different products, SailPlay Loyalty, SailPlay CRM, SailPlay Sender and SailPlay Analytics.

This week’s blog post will cover recent updates to SailPlay Loyalty, SailPlay Sender and SailPlay CRM. We will be discussing the following new features and updates:

  • Use new campaign variables
  • Assign gifts to specific customers
  • Give 0 points for certain purchases and actions
  • Improved picture rendering in emails
  • New filtering options

New Campaign Variables

We recently introduced brand new variables to be used in SailPlay Sender. The new variables are for adding dates into your e-mail, SMS, IM and push notifications. To add a variable to show 10 days from the current date, add “$[date (days_after = 10)]” to your campaign text.

So if you are thinking, why is this update so important? Let’s say you own a pizza shop and you are running a promotion for a new pizza special. If a customer purchases the new pizza special, then they receive an SMS that alerts them of another promotion, free bread sticks. Now if you want the second promotion to start 5 days after their pizza special purchase, use the new date variable to specify that in the SMS. Just add in “$[date (days_after = 5)]” to your SMS, so each customer will receive their own individual promotion date.

Assigning Gifts

Adding gifts to SailPlay is a feature that has always been available. But now, you can assign specific gifts each customer can see and redeem. Just follow the 2 steps below to do so:

  1. Check-off the setting for “Select the audience the gift will be available to”.
  2. Select “Choose” to pick your tag(s).

Select Audience Screenshot

If you have a tiered loyalty program, now assign what gifts each tier is eligible to see and redeem. And if you do not have a tiered loyalty program, a benefit is by understanding your customers’ buying habits, you can only make gifts they are interested in eligible to them. Thus helping you foster a long-term relationship.

Zero Points Feature

Typically our clients add a point value to each of their products, whether it 10 points, 5 points or 1 point. But there are situations where our clients do not want to provide any points to specific products. With that said, you can now assign products with zero points.

If you are wondering where do we typically see clients assign products with zero points, well it is usually for gift cards. If customers can purchase gifts cards for your business, you may not want them to earn any points for this purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.27.36 PM

Improved Image Quality

We recently updated the algorithm for image quality in emails. Now images in emails will appear at a higher quality to better help support your campaign.

We will be providing more information on this update in future posts.

New Filters

In SailPlay CRM, using our standard filters or custom filters to find certain customers or create a list was always possible. Now we have expanded on our traditional filtering options. Now use our filters to exclude certain groups of customers.

For example, you want to run a search for all customers who did not make a purchase from March 1, 2017 to March 15, 2017. Just follow the 2 steps below to run your search:

  1. Add the two dates
  2. Check-off the “Exclude” check-box

Clients Screenshot

If you want to learn more about these updates or register for a free demo, please visit us at

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