Trigger Campaigns – Boost Your Customer Engagement

Most businesses and companies are sending out multiple emails every week, if not every day, to their customers, but how many are reaching their customers with the right message and at the right time?

Each one of your customers are different, so sending out a bulk message, whether it be a text, SMS or IM, isn’t always relevant. Bulk campaigns are great when you want to promote specific topics that appeal to the majority of your customers, such as a holiday sale or the opening of a new store. But customers want to be better understood, so send them relevant offers as well.

And yes, I know, it is challenging to send your list of 10,000 customers a relevant message. But with the the right CRM and communication tool, you can easily provide your customers with relevant messages and place them into specific groups. A tool like SailPlay Sender, enables you to not only manage your entire customer list, but also review and analyze customer activities, and create bulk and triggered campaigns.

Trigger campaigns help you get the most out of your campaign because they incorporate two of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, Relevance and Timeliness. You can think of the best promotions or campaigns, but if you don’t send them to the right audience at the right time, then where is the value?

As you can imagine, relevance of a marketing campaign is extremely important. Would you send a fur coat promotion to PETA members? By tracking your customers actions, you can quickly begin to understand what products or topics they are interested in. As a result you can begin to place them into specific groups and send out campaigns that would only interest them. And being relevant isn’t enough, timeliness is just as important for marketing campaigns. Sending your customers at the right time can be the difference between them taking action or just deleting your message.

Now you might be wondering, trigger campaigns are only applicable for retail companies. Well that isn’t true. Trigger campaigns can help add value to business in nearly every industry. For a list of examples, see take a peek below.


Trigger Campaign Type: Status Level Change

Your dispensary groups your customers into 3 different status level, Bronze, Silver & Gold. As customers move up from Bronze to Silver, they receive a 15% discount on their next purchase. Now with hundreds and hundreds of customers (if not thousands), keeping track of when customers have moved up in status is too time consuming. With a tool like SailPlay Sender, set-up a triggered campaign to monitor when a customer has moved up from Bronze to Silver. The trigger campaign can update their status, send out an email or SMS to alert them of their new status and discount waiting for them. Additionally the trigger campaign can send them a reminder SMS if they have not used their coupon after a certain period.



Trigger Campaign Type: Survey

After each guest stay is completed, you send out a survey request to understand how their stay went and how things can be improved for future stays. As part of the survey request, you offer each guest with 10% off one night on their next reservation with you. Now as your customer list grows to thousands of guests, manually emailing survey requests and monitoring their responses to email back their discount can lead to many inefficiencies. You could simply just forget to send a guest a survey request or worse, you could forget to send them the discount code.


Avoid these headaches by organizing a trigger campaign. Your trigger campaign can email each guest with a survey request and monitor their responses to ensure each guest completing a survey receives the discount. Additionally, you can send out a reminder email if they have not completed the survey in the first few days.

Retail / E-Commerce

Trigger Campaign Type: Abandoned Web Basket

When customers abandon their e-baskets, it no longer means a lost sale. Using a trigger campaign to remind them about their basket and potentially sending a promotion code, could make the difference.

For example, Charlie is shopping for sports jackets on your website and place 2 he likes into his basket. Charlie suddenly abandons his basket and doesn’t return to your website for at least 1 day. Send Charlie an automated SMS reminding him about his basket. If Charlie returns to your website in the next day and completes his purchase, send him a thank you message for his purchase. If Charlie does not complete his purchase, send him a promotion code as incentive to complete the purchase.



Trigger Campaign Type: Customer Engagement

If a customer hasn’t visited your restaurant in a while, don’t wait for them to come back. Entice them to re-engage by offering a promotion for their favorite items. Review their previous transactions to understand what items they have purchased several times, so you can provide relevant offers to them.

For example, Jessica, Dave & Jacob have all ordered a slice of oreo cheesecake their past 4 individual visits to your restaurant, but none of them have visited for a few months. Create an automated SMS trigger campaign to individually message them about a promotion for cheesecakes.


Campaigns like this can be scheduled ahead of time for your most popular items, so when your CRM system notices a customer has not visited for a while, you can automatically message them a personalized message to come back.

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