Platform Updates: Mobile App, SMS Updates & Optimized Trigger Campaigns

Here at SailPlay, we are focused on improving the user experience for our clients and their customers. As a result, we deploy several updates or new features each week, which are implemented immediately.

In this week’s blog post, we will focus on three recent updates to the SailPlay Platform.

  1. The SailPlay Mobile App is available.
  2. Now deploy SMS campaigns by customer timezones.
  3. Set-up for trigger campaigns is optimized.

For a better understanding of each update, please see below.

SailPlay Mobile App

Our mobile app is available to all our current clients and prospective clients to add on, at an additional cost from the traditional SailPlay bundle. The mobile app is an ideal compliment to any customer loyalty program because it allows for your loyalty program to always be in your customer’s pocket.  Plus the mobile app is white-labeled, so the designed can be transformed into your brand and meet your guidelines. Your customers will not know that they are using a third-party app.

Untitled presentationAdditionally with the mobile app, your customers can access various aspects of your loyalty program, including:


  • Customer Profile Dashboard: Customers can view their active and inactive points, plus their current status level, gifts and more.
  • Quests: Customers can complete various quests through the mobile app, such as sharing on Facebook or completing their profile.

Through the mobile app, your customers can scan product bar codes. Now create quests to promote products by having customers scan product bar codes. Customers will earn points for completing the quest and learn more about your new product.

  • Badges & Statuses: Customer can view their current unlocked badges and status. Plus they can unlock additional badges and see how they can move up to the next status level.
  • Gifts: Redeem gifts directly from the mobile app in exchange for points.

Gifts can be sent to mobile app customers as a QR code or barcode that a cashier or another employee can easily redeem on their behalf.

  • Loyalty Program History: Customers can easily access their history within the loyalty program.


Have your own mobile app? No problem! SailPlay’s mobile app can be integrated with your own mobile app. So your loyalty customers can purchase products, review their point totals, what gifts are available and what quests they can complete from one single app. 

So if you need to build out your own mobile app or already have one, SailPlay has the solution you need to keep your loyalty program always in the pocket of your customers.

SMS Campaigns – Deploy By Timezones

Recently, we launched a new feature in our SMS campaigns that enables our clients to send messages to their customers at their customer’s local time zone.

In order for our clients to send out a SMS to their customers at their time zone, you simply need to check off the “Send, according to the local time” field.


Messages will be sent to customers only when the specified launch time reaches their time zone. As a result, messages will be delivered to customers from east to west. And if a SMS was unable to be sent to the recipients in the time range you specified in their local time, then the message will be suspended until the next day at the specific time range

Trigger Campaign Set-Up

We recently optimized our Trigger Campaign tab in the SailPlay Panel to improve the speed and user experience for our clients. Previously clients that had more than 5 trigger campaigns running at concurrently, experiences slow speeds to load the Trigger Campaign tab, causing a poor user experience.

Untitled presentation-6

We optimized the algorithm for this tab to make sure the tab loads at a much faster speed and as a result we not only improved the user experience, but made our Trigger Campaigns tab more stable as well.

If you want to learn more about these updates or register for a free demo, please visit us at

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