Platform Updates: Points, Points, Points and wait, did I mention Points?

Many businesses reward their customers with points, referred to as “Bonus Points” here at SailPlay, for their customer loyalty programs. Bonus points can be earned through various methods (ex. purchases, social media activity, and etc.) which are decided by the business. Each loyalty program is different, with each business offering different ways to use the points for rewards.

At SailPlay, we wanted to do more than just make it easy for you to provide points to your customers. And so, we did.

Please see below for 5 key functionalities available in SailPlay Loyalty today focused on Points.

Adding Bonus Points After A Purchase 

Customers don’t always remember to sign into their loyalty program during a purchase. Maybe they are in a rush or simply just forget, but then they remember later on that they forgot to sign in. Instead of customers jamming up your customer service line or coming all the way back to the physical store, they can add their points on their own.

All customers need to do is sign into your loyalty program through their mobile device or computer, submit their receipt number and total purchase amount. First the SailPlay Loyalty platform will check to ensure customers aren’t duplicating their points. This is confirmed by checking the receipt number to see if it is tagged to a loyalty member. If the receipt number is tagged to a member, then the request is rejected. Now assuming that the receipt number if not tagged, then the system will calculate and add the number of points for this purchase.

Submit a Purchase.001

Spending Bonus Points

Provide your customers with additional flexibility on how they pay. With SailPlay, payment via Bonus Points is now an option. Through our API, we can integrate with your POS system to show how many bonus points are available to redeem for each item in your customer’s basket. Just set the ratio of points to dollars in the SailPlay Admin Panel, so your customers know how many bonus points are needed for this purchase.

Spend Points.001

This is great for whatever business  you have. For example, if you are running a loyalty program at your hotel, your guests can now pay for their room service with their points. But you must be wondering, what if a guest doesn’t have enough points to pay for their entire room service. Guests can mix and match payment between points and other methods to provide extra flexibility.

Customer Search via Bonus Points

A new function added in the SailPlay Admin Panel, now you can run customer searched based on their bonus points. Under the “Clients” tab, locate “Bonus Points” underneath “More Parameters”. You can search for customers based on their balance of points now, or over time, and including or without their unconfirmed points.

Search Customers

One of the key benefits of the new search functionality is that it makes it easier for you to send promotion or product information to a group of customer based on their points.

For example, you have a tiered loyalty program with 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. And the minimum threshold for customers to qualify for each level is 100 points as a Bronze Member, 250 points as Silver Member and 500 points as a Gold Member. Now, one of your goals for this quarter is to increase the number of silver members. A simple way to accomplish this would be to run a specific promotion. Well with the new search functionality, instead of sending a mass email out to all your loyalty programs, run a search for current bronze members who currently have 200 to 249 points and then those members the promotion only.

Converting Bonus Points

Now converting bonus points to cash or vice versa just became easier. A new feature in the SailPlay Admin Panel automatically converts points to cash and cash to points. This feature is ideal if you are running a promotion or have a loyalty program that provides your members the ability to cash in their points.

For example, if your loyalty program says 100 points is equal to 10 dollars, then a customer with 100 points can redeem their points for 10 dollars. Now instead of your cashier or your POS doing the extra work of converting points to cash, enter the number of points is equal to a dollar in the SailPlay Admin Panel – Promo Campaign and SailPlay will do the rest of the work. To see how simple this, just review the screenshot to the right.

Convert Points.001

Syncing Legacy System with SailPlay

Transitioning from one loyalty software to another can be difficult and you don’t want it to affect your current loyalty members. Now when transitioning from a legacy loyalty system to SailPlay, the process has become a bit easier. We recently developed a new API method that configures and syncs the number of bonus points earned by customers each day. Thus making the transition seamless for your customers and yourself.

For example, if you own a business which has 20 locations and each location’s POS system goes to an individual server. Then transitioning all your locations to SailPlay Loyalty at once might seem a little challenging. With the new update, you can transition to SailPlay at your own pace. Just provide us with access to each of your servers. And your customers can continue to enjoy earning bonus points without having to experience a poor customer service experience.

If you want to learn more about these updates or register for a free demo, please visit us at:

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