Ways To Increase Customer Engagement At The Checkout Counter

Customer engagement is all the rage nowadays — and there are a ton of facts that help support why it is so important. Whether you are running an online business or work at a checkout counter, customer satisfaction should be near the top of the priority list.

In hopes of keeping your customers happy, here are some ways to increase customer engagement at the checkout counter.


Asking your customers to take an online survey — especially ones that include a possible prize at the end — is a very important tool. Not only do surveys help with feedback, but they also help to get the customers involved.

Plus, and once again, there is typically a possible prize at the end of the survey, which people will be thrilled about (win or lose).

Downloading The App

Asking customers to download the store’s app is huge. After all, we are living in the age of mobile devices, a time when more and more people are getting their information off of their phones rather than their computers.

Check Us Out On Our Facebook Page

Asking your customers to check out your store on Facebook (or any social network) could lead to a gold mine if you will. Once again, mobile is huge nowadays, and social media certainly plays a big part in business as well.

Assuming more and more customers do start checking out your store’s Facebook page (and liking it), they will be led to a place where they can get even more helpful information, along with entertainment, and they can engage even more in the process.

Ask Questions

When it comes to a checkout counter, it is typically a one-on-one process — just you and the customer. To make this experience a little less awkward, why not ask questions (and get the customer involved)?

The questions can be very simple, such as asking the customer if they found everything they were looking for. Nonetheless, actually talking to the customer will lead to plenty of engagement.

Build Trust

Whether you are at the checkout counter or online, building trust is very, very important. If you can’t build trust with your customers, then you are going to lose them, or not gain them in the first place.

You can build trust at the checkout counter by simply doing your job in a respectful fashion and living by the concept that the customer is always right.

Be Friendly

Even if you are having a bad day, you have to squash it the moment you step into work — this should go for any job, but especially one where you are dealing with customers directly. Being friendly at all costs is the key, even if the customer isn’t following the same motto.

Respect Not Just The Customers, But Fellow Employees As Well

The first part of this equation goes along with the customer always being right and also being friendly. As crazy as it may sound, because you would think employees would follow this step, employees must also respect fellow employees.

Respect is the main takeaway here.

Always Have An Employee At The Self-Checkout

Yes, it is a self-checkout, a place where customers escape to so they don’t have to deal with anyone and so they can also get in and out. However, operations don’t always go 100 percent smooth in these self-checkouts, which is why it is so important for an employee to always be around when a problem arises.

If a problem does arise, and if an employee is nowhere to be found, a customer will be fed up because the self-checkout was supposed to be the easy way out in the first place.

Also, not everyone knows how to use the self-checkout, but having an employee around will help ease the process.

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