Why Your Customer Loyalty Program Can Become Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

Your customer loyalty program can become your most effective marketing tool for several reasons. One, being that the customer loyalty program allows you to increase your direct interaction levels with your customer or clients in a positive way. Two, you’re indirectly encouraging your customers or clients to advertise your business towards a relevant audience at a low cost. Three, you’re able to incentivize the retrieval of essential information from your customer or client base. Four, asides the initial upfront cost and time required to set-up, your program requires low maintenance in order to be effective. Five, if you’re an omnichannel business, as many retailers are these days, you have the ability to consolidate your customers into one place saving you both time and energy. Below we’ll explore each one of these points to a deeper level.

Increased Interaction Levels

Increased interaction levels

The customer loyalty program helps you increase your interaction with customers or clients due to the need to communicate benefits that customers or clients receive, and the customers reaching out to receive those benefits. The great thing about that is that you’re communicating with customers or clients in a scenario that is positive for the customer or client. This helps open the customer or client up to you and allow you to communicate ideas and opportunities to them, as well as receive essential feedback while the customer or client is in a positive mood and are open to discussion.

Encouraging customers or clients to advertise your business

Encouraging customers or clients to advertise your business

Having the ability to incentivize your customers or clients in order to promote your business is an important ability to have. Retailers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year attempting to get in front of their targeted customers base whether it’s through street teams, PR, digital advertising, sponsorships, etc. Utilizing a customer loyalty program allows you to incentivize your customers to not only share information about your organization on their social media profiles or via personal emails, but it also helps you put a familiar voice behind the promotion. Since loyalty programs typically incentivize customers with gifts, you also have the ability to promote new or signature products as well as services.

A Collection of Essential Data

A collection of essential data

Your customer loyalty program also gives you the opportunity to collect essential data needed for crafting your program. For example, your organization will have the ability to use analytics available where you’ll be able to examine trends and incentives that are the most effective for your customer or client base. You can also use the customer loyalty program to provide rewards for providing you with valuable information such as feedback, birthdays, addresses, and so on.

Cost Saving Benefits

Cost saving benefits.

They say that acquiring a new customer is on average 5x more expensive than bringing in a new customer. With the customer loyalty program, you’re able to help retain that customer or client base by providing your customers or clients with the feeling of potentially losing out on progress if they choose a competitor. You can do this by providing them the ability to be rewarded with items such as special badges or statuses that represent potential bonuses that they can exchange for gifts or discounts.

Customer Consolidation (1)

Customer consolidation

If you’re an omnichannel retailer you have the difficulty of maintaining your customers who either shop primarily digitally, in-store, or a mixture of both. With a customer loyalty program like SailPlay, you have the ability to create a consistent presence for customers no matter how they shop. This includes being able to easily maintain and monitor your customer’s progress through your loyalty program whether they’re either currently shopping in-store or online.



An omnichannel customer loyalty program such as SailPlay could help you achieve the goals mentioned above. For example, with SailPlay, you can set automated text and email messages that can be delivered to clients based on actions that they make such as purchases. This provides your organization with a level of interaction that seems catered directly to your individual customers. Through SailPlay’s custom made interface, which is white labeled towards your organization’s branding, you would also be able to interact with customers as they access your website in order to hand pick gifts that they would in turn be able to receive due to the points that they’ve already earned for their continued loyalty to your organization.

This directly relates to your organization being able to provide your customers with specific products that can help convert consumers into customers or clients. One great example of using this strategy is if you were a clothing brand and you offered pieces of clothing emblazoned with your logo as gift options. Not only will customers now be walking around social groups where potential customers lie, but they would have also completed tasks in order to receive points to purchase the gift. These tasks can include actions such as sharing posts on social media or providing additional information such as their birthday. Either way both actions are helping you move towards your goal of marketing your brand and collecting essential information on your customer or client base.

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