5 Customer Loyalty Software to Choose From.

Studies have shown that using a customer loyalty strategy can help increase your annual revenue by over 50%. While creating an effective strategy, as well as keeping track of one can seem daunting, there are several programs out there that can help streamline the process for you. We’ve created a list of five available programs that you can choose from.


SailPlay is a completely customizable software that uses gamification to help increase the engagement levels of your customers. With SailPlay you’ be able to seamlessly integrate with your website, POS, and CRM systems which takes a ton of the hassle out of updating information. One of the great things about SailPlay as well is that they have a marketing automation platform already built in, which will allow you to create automated promotional campaigns. SailPlay is one of the most flexible in terms of use and branding, since they white label all of their software towards your business, as well as extremely cost-effective in terms of features they’ve made available.


YotPo is an interesting tool that will send out mobile oriented customer review forms for your customers after the point of purchase. According to their website with each review received it will help incentivize customers to write 9 more. This tool is a great way to create legitimacy online, as customer reviews are a power tool in terms of helping consumers decide on where to spend their money. At $25/month YotPo’s starting package is very affordable.

The Loyalty Box

The Loyalty Box is a customer loyalty software that is both an app and a card. Here they have the ability to help incentive your customers to buy through cash bonuses after certain point accumulations. The Loyalty Box also includes marketing automation to help stay at the top of mind with your customers for upcoming promotions and specials that you may want to promote. This is a great product to use for someone who would like to utilize cards or an app, just be wary that you will be dependent on whether or not the customer downloads their app as well as holds onto the card.

Cash Footprint Point-of-Sale

Cash Footprint is a software that you will be able to download directly to your point-of-sale. This software isn’t client facing, however, you will be able to use barcode scanners in order to gain information. Cash Footprint also offers the ability to manage customer accounts as well as manage commissions.

U.S. Motivation

U.S. Motivation is slightly different from the aforementioned loyalty programs. This program utilizes an app as well as in store pick-ups. However, their loyalty solution is based off awards from predetermined partners rather than your organization. This is great for organizations such as law firms or medical

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